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Graze - Xup EP

release date: 8 November 16

Berlin based Adam Marshall and Christian Andersen collaborate as Graze. In the latest installment of our UFO series, the Dekmantel Records offshoot dedicated to experimental and futuristic electronic music, the Canadian veteran producers serve up a 50/50 lethal/dreamy drum trax package. Many have applauded the versatility of Graze, and their Xup EP is yet more proof of their original minds.

‘Xup’ is an abstract 4/4 jugular, beating out devious percussive patterns and rattling hi-hats over a grizzled and arpeggiated synth mortar-fire. ‘Vast’ on the other hand is an esoteric slow-burner, a hallucinatory trip to the depths of analog synth paradise and a perfect intro, outro or home listening gem. On the flip, the hyper-lean gearshift of ‘Tryptch’ pumps energy through off-kilter and plunderphonic basslines, while ‘Shadow Play’ is a classic piece of breakbeat bliss including a celestial synth arrangement that makes a perfect soundtrack for slow-speed sci-fi rides.

Xup EP
Xup EP


  • Vinyl 12" €11.00
  • tracklist Vinyl 12"

    • a1. Graze - XUP
    • a2. Graze - Vast
    • b1. Graze - Tryptch
    • b2. Graze - Shadow Play