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Radio Alhara UNTIL LIBERATION 12 hours program on Palestine

The mixtape Learning Palestine _ Until Liberation is a 12 hours sound program created from content downloaded from Youtube “interweaving songs, poems, music, chants, talks, discussions, presentations, and conversations by many, many singers, intellectuals, academics, researchers, musicians, students, and fighters to teach, tell, inform, and to understand the history, the present, and reality of the ongoing struggle for justice and liberation for Palestine”.

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Interview Caterina Barbieri in conversation with Mixmag

Caterina Barbieri about performing in imposing spaces, hating the 'modular music scene', and whether she might - one day - release music with a kick drum

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Feature MC Yallah

MC Yallah about what drives her to create, and to keep setting the standard for other hip-hop artists coming out of Uganda

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Feature Dinamarca

Chilean-Swedish producer and Staycore-founder Dinamarca has a chat with Crack Magazine about dancing, dreaming, and his latest album, Soñao.

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