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Interview Beverly Glenn-Copeland

The unfolding of Beverly Glenn-Copeland’s career and musical output are nothing short of enigmatic. As we were looking forward to screening his Keyboard Fantasies documentary during Dekmantel Connects, this cover story by Crack Magazine delves into the artist’s equally perplexing world, his musical upbringing, his place in reality and how he embraced his identity — a dive into an equally charming as dazzling mind.

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Interview Empty dancefloors with Helena Hauff

"This year ravers have been readapting the dance floor purpose of techno to a listening experience in their bedrooms, headphones, and on road trips. like all of us, Helena Hauff is also spinning techno and electro vinyls in her living room. It’s been a while since the world-touring DJ could spend so much time with her music collection, search for new tracks, and produce in her studio without pressure for a perfect outcome. speaking with Helena, it seems like she’s feeling anything but pressure, either from packed warehouses, empty dance floors, or the almighty social media." More of this can be find in the great interview - accompanied with photos by Daniel Feistenauer - with Borsch Magazine.

Check it in full on Borshch Magazine's website